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  We receive feedback from our customers and we're printing some of it below. First of all, we sell seconds and used and shopworn instruments through Ebay. Here is a link that shows what our Ebay customers think;
eBay View User Feedback for bmie .

    Yesterday I received the Negra Concert Flamenco guitar. That was a much quicker delivery then I thought.
    The guitar and case arrived in perfect condition. It plays like a dream, great sound with a lot of clarity and with that purcussive sound. Beautifull wood and immaculate finish. Well made. Very smooth tuners. This is one great guitar. Basically this guitar is everything I was hoping for it would be. The case is also very good.
    I was bit nervous ordering a guitar over the internet as I had not really seen it or heard it (other than the photos and the sound clip from Andrew Ohren on a cedar top) so I was relieved when everything was in order.
    Bottom line is: I am very happy with it. Thank you very much.
New Zealand

Dear Montalvo Clan et al,

I have a rumba from one of my CD's playing in the
background of my science web site recorded on a
Montalvo flamenco concert model, epoch with a
different label than you are now using. It is at
If you want to link it as a sample of your guitars,
which I think are better than a ramirez, feel free.
Warm Wishes,

Hello William

Saturday I received Superior Hawaiian Guitar and I spent wonderful weekend
with it.
We will have a hula party on July. I have to practice with fun till then.

Thank you

I got the Fleta Negra Flamenco Cutaway with the spruce top and Cocobolo back and sides. I was taken back with the beauty of this instrument. The rosette is unique and gives the instrument and inviting character with its consise geometric patterns. I was suprised at the chocolate colored rosewood that is almost black. This guitar feels perfect in my hands and I am so thankful that your son helped me pick it out over the phone. Your son took time to play various models for me and we both agreed the Negra cutaway sang to our souls. I will be recording with this instrument and will have some video as well as audio to you soon. I am so pleased with the beauty of sound. The basses are bold and the trebles are sweet but lack no edge. The crisp ragueados you can produce sing the beautiful rhythms this instrument was made for. I will report back in about 6 months to let you know how she has opened up. I will be purchasing a full body Flamenco with cypress back and sides soon. Thank you once again for your help and for making such a wonderful lyrical instrument at such reasonable prices. Next time I am in California I will be by to visit.

God Bless,
Michael A

You just sent me a concert cypress cutaway.  The guitar and case arrived in great condition.
I only play for fun so I'm not an expert, but the guitar has excellent sound quality and is very nicely finished.
Most of all, the guitar is just a lot of fun to play and listen to.  It's bright and punchy and has great volume.  Maybe if I really practice hard for ten or twenty years I can play up to the guitar's potential.
Thank you very much,

got the guitar tuesday. everything is great. thank you for making the order smooth.

Howdy Folks, just writing to say I love my Montalvo
and you can hear it at:
a little murky, as it was posted over a phone (scroll
down to audio button), and at:
and at:
Regards, Ian

Hey everyone!

Got my Fleta model today. Beautiful! You can't have it back.
It sounds wonderful. Thank you Jorge for a fine guitar. You should be proud,
I know I am. Just wanted to drop you people a line and say thanks, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Happy New Year. Best of luck to you and keep up the good work! Thanks again.

Rick in Denver


Thanks so much for the Superior Hawaiian. It's beautiful, sounds amazing and is very fun to play. It arrived in great shape and met all of my expectations. I do have one beef however.  I'm not so sure you guys should be so quick to recommend Sunrise pickups in these beauties. Yes, David Lindley and others seem to use them but I wonder why when the pickup terminals don't even remotely correspond in position to the respective string it is 'supposed' to amplify. is it possible for me to build a new top part to reposition each pickup head or does Sunrise make a top that would correspond to these string widths?
Also, will you please notify me when you get some new capos for this super wide fretboard (which I love - great design!)? or tell me where I can get one.
Happy Holidays to all of you,
(This is the only beef we've ever gotten about the "Sunrise" pick-up)

I had recently purchased an Ignacio Fleta Model Cypress Flamenco guitar with Ebony friction pegs at your shop in Berkley, California.  I was in the market for a new guitar for about two years but I could not find one that “fit” me.  I went to the big chain stores all over Southern California and the Central Valley with several stops at many of the small local shops too.  I kept coming across the same instruments over and over (with a few top quality exceptions.  Of course, some of these exceptions require a mortgage and your first born!).  I came across your web site about a year ago and started doing some research about guitars form Paracho, Mexico.  I was impressed with what the reviews had to say.  The next thing to do was to listen to one.  Putting sound clips on your website really helped.  I was able to get a good idea of what the magazines were talking about.  It was enough to get me to go in for a visit.  I spent about an hour to an hour and a half playing various models.  Each one sounding better than the last.  Your help and patience (I tried LOTS of guitars) was truly a testament of your dedication to customer service.  When I narrowed down my favorites, you didn’t hesitate to let me keep trying them out.  I was looking for the best guitar for me and you understood that.

I have played this guitar every day now since I bought it and the Engelmann spruce top has “opened up” beautifully!  This has an excellent flamenco “woody” sound that just cannot be beat!  I recently showed it to one of my teachers and after he played for about 15 minutes and thoroughly examined the craftsmanship, I asked him to tell me how much he would pay for this guitar.  He replied, “I would easily pay $3,000.”  He didn’t believe me when I told him I paid about half that.

This is my second guitar and I am extremely pleased with my selection.  I would not hesitate to recommend your guitars to anyone.  This is one of the best values for the price.


Daniel, Fresno, CA
(Daniel sent a video clip of him playing his Montalvo (I got it to play with the Internet Explorer Browser, but not Netscape) ;
The song is titled Posadas (a soleares) and was written by Juan Serrano)

Hi guys just got the guitar and I love it! It is terrific and has great craftsmanship, and sounds amazing!.....
In any event, I woudl like to pick up another, with a sunrise pickup
installed this time, so after I learn it, I can play it out!

I bought the Montalvo Concert Flamenco Negra and it is perfect. Tell me where I can write a review and brag on the quality of the instrument and the service from you guys. Thanks-a-million

Dear Mr. George

I received guitar yesterday evening at post office.
I surprised at its great sounds & beautiful looking , good quality case.
I think this guitar is much better than Japanese expensive wizenborn copy
Then appreciated this sound all night, forget sleeping.
Although it was anxious to the first overseas transaction,
I felt easy very much and have traded by your very kind and polite
Thanks again.

Hello George,
I purchased a Hauser Sr. copy guitar from you about 6 months ago and wanted to know what make and model strings were used on the french polish guitar? I am more and more pleased with the guitar the longer I have it. Thanks.


got the guitar tuesday. everything is great. thank you for making the order smooth. 

    I got my lap steel this morning, and I haven't been able to put it down yet. Absolutely beautiful work, and it sounds
great. I had the chance to plug it in last night, and the pickup is just fantastic. Thanks for the strings, by the way. I'll be
recommending you to anyone I know that's in the market for a great instrument.
Thanks again,

Hi George,
I played my first session with the Superior today,ambient stuff for a
TV documentary with just me and the gtr(for 15 minutes!!) and I just
wanted to let you know that the producer and the engineer LOVED the
sound.The guitar was both mic`ed and "Sunrised".
Thanks again,
Olli Haavisto,Finland

Thank you for your e-mail. Model-3 sounds sweet and hot! thank you !
Got the guitar Tuesday and haven't put it down since!  I don't see
any  of the scratches you where talking about.  Great even balanced
tone with very good sustain.  A happy customer.  I can't wait to get
a sunrise in it and start gigging with it.
>Subject: > Cocobolo Classic
>Hi. I just wanted to say I'm enjoying playing my cocobolo
classic that I
>got from you in August. The tone is developing nicely.

 Cypress Concert Flamenco Model
    Mr. Montalvo:  Just wanted to drop you a line and
let you know my husband loved the guitar.  I have a
question?  Can you tell me the exact type and brand
strings that were put on the guitar.I would like to
get a couple of back sets for him.  Thank you
Yesterday I received a concert flamenco guitar...a gift from my wife
Christmas!  What a wonderful surprise. I love it.
It plays beautifully, sounds great, and is very well made, not to
mention it
is a beautiful instrument... but you knew that already, didn't you?
Question for you... the strings, are they any special brand?  What do
recommend? I figure I will be playing it so much I might as well get
an extra
set to keep on hand...
Thanks so much!
PS - - I already had a 35 year old Guild classical, a two year old
Hi  I was wondering if you still have this for sale. I live in Oregon and get
down your way often. My good friend collects  weissenborns and hilo steels
and I love 'em. I think your versions are the nicest. I have played a few and
not only do yours look best, they have that never ending sustain Please let
me know as to the status of this one.
   Thanks Tim
Hi George,
     Man, do I love this thing. It's replacing a 1940's Harmony squareneck, that's a little louder, but doesn't
     hold a candle to this thing playing, apperence, and sound wise. I've checked it out real good, and I don't
     think it's a wood crack, it looks like the finish might have cracked. It's about 10" long, and sweeps from
     the bottom edge binding under the soundhole, up to by the bridge. It's not uneven and light reflects evenly
     so it must be a finish crack. When I order my rope binding model(may be soon, I'll let you know), give me
     a break, and I'll be happy. BTW, I've got som pictures and info about your guitars on my page, check it

Took it away on the road working this week to keep me company in
hotel rooms. What an excellent sounding guitar -- really sweet and loud ! (without
finger picks). Thanks again for the excellent service and the string information etc.
Hello BMI,
Three weeks ago I purchased a Negra Flamenco with pegs from your store...
I love the guitar.  My instructor can't believe I found a hand made guitar of this quality for this price.  He will probably
be sending some of his students to your store soon.  Also, thank you for carring the Negra Flamencos, most places
don't even know what your talking about when you inquire about them.

George K-
Thanks for the lap guitar- arrived intact, sounds sweet & plays
great.  It
arrived at my office on Tuesday.  It was a welcome respite from the
grind to string it up & lay steel to strings at 7 PM -  surprized the
janitor.  Any thought about having your luthiers work with koa?  If
so, let
me know.
My brother's in the market for a classical guitar & I recommended
that he
check you guys out- great value & high satisfaction level on this

George & William,
I received my Superior Hawaiian lap via Fedex yesterday. While I had
read great things about your instruments, I hadn't played one. Purchasing
a guitar without actually playing it first is not an easy proposition -
but I had faith. After having it for just about 24 hours, I can say that
any discomfort that I felt was unfounded. The guitar plays beautifully
and sounds sweet. Thanks for making a great instrument and making it
affordable as well.
If you ever have someone in the upstate NY area that is considering making
a "long-distance" purchase of this guitar, feel free to have them
contact me. I'd be happy to try to arrange to show them the instrument
in-person. I know this would've helped me in my decision making process. Let me
know if you'd have any interest.
Peace & Thanks,

Dear George,
    I received the flamenco guitar yesterday and was pleased how fine
it sounded.  A beautiful sweet tone, easy playability, and fine
craftsmanship in a package that was more than I expected for the
price. It might become one of my favorite guitars to pick up and play.

Just wanted to let you know that my spruce-topped Hawaiian is great-
a ton o' fun & sounds wonderful.  Any thoughts of putting out an all-koa,
true tothe original Weissenborns?- (prob hard to get)...
Thanks again

Those new guitars look great!  I have one of your cypress flamencos
and Iprefer playing it over any other guitar I own (and that's several.)
Thanks - Look forward to hearing from you.

The guitar arrived yesterday.  It is great, the wood on the sides has
some figuring and the sound board also has some figuring that runs across
the grain.  As a woodworker, I appreciate the subtleties in wood that
others may not notice.  The guitar sounds very good now that I have tuned
it.  Thanks again, I hope that I will eventually be able to make the
guitar "sing".

Hi George,
We have received the guitars today and we love em!
In fact we love em so much that two have been sold to our staff (Ron
our repair guy).
Could we have 2 more, we want ceder tops with rope binding and
rosette, if possible we would want less stain on the back and sides
(assuming you can control the finish of the product)
Thanks again for these great guitars.
Let us have a full up cost and we will transfer the money.

The guitar arrived today.
It is a wonderful guitar.
I was very much satisfied.
>From now on, please make a good guitar.
Thank you

about: 19 [feb] 2002 [milano]
hi I have gotten the guitar, it is really beautiful.
I have satisfied of the acquisition.
the guitar is really beautiful (also if for hour the sound with
difficulty) .
Daniel Surnames

   just a note to let you know i received my guitar today in fine
shape and
i'm totally satisfied thank you .....junior
about: Hi George,  I just wanted to say how much I
appreciated your assistance and the welcome feeling I
received while at your store. I am very pleased with the
guitar you sold me. I am presently attempting to sell my
Manuel Contreras C-5 classical and my Alhambra F-7 Flamenco.
I want to sell these two and purchase your Fleta flamenco. If
you have any ideas as to where I might find a prospective
buyer I'd appreciate the info. Thanks again. Walter
Aloha George / Jorge... i'll definitely take 'da Montalvo Flamenco Plus Negra Cutaway- really nice guitar for what i
need !!!!! when i can afford it, i'm interested in acquiring either the spruce-top concert negra or that indian rosewood
cutaway model that you still have in your store... i'll definitely be sending more business your way- thank for making
such nice guitars as well as being a "stand-up guy" to deal with... sincerely w/ Aloha ~ Bo 
Dear Mr.Katechis
I got it today.
It`s fine,very nice, good sound.
Thank you for your kindness.

JTakeshi Otaka from Japan

Holy Moly!

Just got my guitar and it is wonderful.  The craftsmanship, finish and sound are exceptional.

Thanks for sending me this great instrument.


received the instrument yesterday (2 days earlier than I expected)in
great condition.  Thanks for your great service and a wonderful instrument.
I'll be recommending you to my friends.

This is just a quick note to tell you how much I'm enjoying my new
Superior Hawaiian lap steel. I'm delighted with tone, the quality and the great value it
represents .Everyone who sees it absolutely loves the abalone inlays, and then
when they hear it ...
Thanks for providing such a fine guitar at a great price!
Take care,

I just received the guitar today. It's a very nice instrument! I'll tell you in a few days my
feelings about it (just the time I need to play and try different stuffs). But, I like the sound of
the sunrise pickup so much. It's very cool... it's already for me a good choice!
Thanks for all,

 Thanks for your help choosing a flamenco.  I like the Hauser Flamenco - it has the dark, "negra" sound I was looking for - but yet the bark of a flamenco. Good luck with your business!
Hello again George
Just letting you know I received the guitar this morning. Thanks
again. It sure is pretty. Haven't had a chance to tune it up and play it yet
but it's just what I was looking for. I'll drop a note again once I've played
it. I really appreciate the help. Take care. Adam

My guitar is absolutely beautiful in every detail. The finish is
superb and the tone even better. I will treasure it for many years to come.
My Best to You and William,

Hello George
Writing to let you know the guitar arrived safely, of course, and
that I'm absolutely loving it. It's beautiful and sounds rich and full of
character. I was a small-bit worried the neck might feel too wide, but no such
thing. It feels great. And with a cutaway too...I had a friend come
over...he checked it out and is now extremely jealous. Thank you very much.
When (and if) I get any samples posted online or something, I'll be sure to let
you know. Take care. Adam
The guitar arrived yesterday ... instant gratification!
Your web site doesn't do justice to the combination of cedar,
mahogany and rope binding -- it's gorgeous. I have not noticed the finish flaw you
mentioned, and the scratches are much less apparent than I was
prepared for. It's a great bargain ... hopefully for both of us.
Thanks again --

I love the new instrument.  It sounds great!  I was worried about the
spacing between the strings but I actually like the spacing better
than my other hawaiians.  Thank you thank you,  best wishes in the future.
Regards, Brian

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